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radio performance [Jan. 31st, 2008|07:44 pm]
tonight at midnight (3pm seattle time) I'll be playing a dj set at radio tonka. 

I'm planning a mixture of minimal, freaky and electro material stuff that I wouldn't play out very easily. 

Tune in on: mms://live-wm.residentie.net/denhaagfm92.0

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Lowlands festival recap [Aug. 20th, 2007|11:37 am]
I just came back from the lowlands festival. Very tired, very satisfied :)

The line-up was extremely good this year, and apart from the big names there were quite a few new surprises. some of the highlights:

Various production: The best performance of the festival, in the smallest tent. Ultra deep dub step sounds combined with four (!) vocalists. Overall a very dynamic and fresh performance.

Andrew Weatherall (dj set): He played the sickest, darkest, twisted techno dub tracks for two hours straight. The crowd was mesmerized. 

simian mobile disco: After three days of techno, they still managed to sound fresh and made me dance, even though my feet didn't really want to anymore. Looking forward to seeing them on decibel.

Laurent Garnier: only saw parts of his show, but I liked it a lot. He brought a whole band on stage and managed to find the right balance between improvising and solidly building his tracks. 

Abe Duque: excellent live performance filled with bubbling acid and twisted vocoders.

Chatham Country Line: Bluegrass from North Carolina. great perfomance. Highly skilled musicians with pristine voices. The crowd went crazy, and so did they as they were clearly surprised. 

Time to sleep now...
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Dour Festival!! [Jun. 13th, 2007|11:50 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]

The annual Dour festival in Belgium is coming up again. this year my lovely Lu will be joining me as well as a caravan of  friends. I'm very excited about this edition. The line-up is insane, as usual. Just to name a few:

Wu-Tang Clan
Dr. Octagon
Luke Vibert
Dave Clark
Mr. Scruff
DJ Food
Kid 606 

And another 150 bands and artists

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good news [May. 31st, 2007|09:18 pm]
good news on the job front:

I signed my first contract yesterday. I've been working on temp basis since I graduated, but now those days are finally over. It's at the same department I was already working for, at the social security office. I was already enjoying my work there, so I was happy that they wanted to give me a contract. Apart from that, the job comes with lots of benefits plus I will get a pay increase as well. 

Life is good :)
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fly away [Apr. 13th, 2007|08:58 am]
four hours away from my flight. It's gonna be a long journey, but fortunately without transfers. I'll be very happy to see my sweetie again, but off course also everybody else. 

I'll be at Krakt on saturday, and play at oscillate on tuesday. See you soon!
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live on webradio this thursday [Mar. 29th, 2007|01:04 am]

I'll be performing a live techno set on webradio this thursday. The show is on around midnight, which is about 3 pm seattle time. You can listen to it here. The show will be recorded and I will upload it afterwards.

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live set [Mar. 21st, 2007|09:50 pm]
since the previous recording of my recent liveset has vapourized mysteriously from my harddrive, I made a new one. It's about thirty minutes of moody pads and quirky beats.

jardin cinquante et un

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life, music & visit [Mar. 4th, 2007|05:13 pm]

Looking at my entries I noticed this is going to be my first post this year. Very well then. In a nutshell, my life has been pretty straightforward the past couple of months. Work's been crazy, but fortunately easing down at the moment. Plus there is fairly big chance I'm gonna get a contract soon, instead of the usual temp assignments. 

On the musical side, things have been pretty much the same as always. We've finally got a set ready with my band and our singer has been very active in trying to get us gigs. In fact we've got our first one lined up in two weeks. 

Last but not least: I'll be paying Seattle a visit soon. I'll arrive on the 13th of April and leave on the 29th. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody again. I'll also be bringing my records and laptop, as I hope to be playing out as well. I've uploaded a live-set and a dj-set, both around 30 minutes. 

wonka revisited (live)

dimanche (dj-set)

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new track [Dec. 21st, 2006|09:52 pm]
it's been a while since I actually finished a track I was working on, apart from the remix stuff I've been doing.

I'm working on a new live set for a radio show performance next year and the following track is going to be part of it.

many roads to go
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pingpong dingdong [Dec. 5th, 2006|01:02 am]
So the first half of the pingpong season has ended. It has been my team's best season yet. We ended up ranking second. I won 70% of my matches which is also a personal record. Our new team mate has sure made a difference and I think we can even compete for the championship next season. My new team mate also encouraged me to start training again. He's right. I stopped training more than a year ago, but with our current setup I feel more motivated to improve my game. New years resolutions.
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